Being Right with God

Allen Daniels opens services commenting on 2 hymnsI Know Whom I Have Believed(2Tim 1:12) andI Am Not Ashamed to Own My Lord




Randy McCarthy speaks onBeing Right with God

The Rich Young Ruler

Randy McCarthy opens serviced reading from Matthew Chapter 1.  He then speaks from Mark Chapter 10 about “The Rich Young Ruler”




Allen Daniels continues speaking on the same topic.


Allen Daniels

The Immutability of God

Allen Daniels opened services reading and commenting on the 100th Psalm.

Mark Wattenrbarger spoke on “The Immutability of God”




Allen Daniels gave closing comments on Mark’s topic.

Esther / Jewish Thanksgiving (Purim) – 2017

randyMc_1_cropRandy McCarthy opened services reading from Mark 14:43-52

Elder Randy speaks about the origin of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is festival of thanksgiving, as told of in the book of Esther.

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Eating and Drinking

Randy McCarthy opened services reading from Ecclesiastes 7:16-17.  He then talked about the significance of eating and drinking in the Bible.

Preservation of the Saints

Randy McCarthy opened serviced reading from John 10:24-30.  He then read from Mark 5:21-43 continuing the subject of “What manner of man is Jesus?”




Allen Daniels spoke about preservation of the saints. (John 10:25-30; Romans 8:29-39)

October 15

Mark Wattenbarger




Allen Daniels gave closing remarks on Brother Mark’s message.


Randy McCarthy opened services reading from Psalm 40.

Randy McCarthy

Luke 22:31  “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat”

God is My Refuge Daily

Allen Daniels

Brother Allen began his message by reading the words of Hymn #45 in PBH (“Meditations”) and commenting on the message and giving his personal experience with the song.

Text: Psalms 62 and and 63


God has been my refuge daily,
God has been my hiding place,
He will ever lead me onward,
He will take me home at last.

He knows all my joys and sorrows,
He knows all my trials and cares,
He knows all my sins and errors,
Yet for me He daily cares.

He has taught my heart to love Him,
While He found me deep in sin,
Yet He love me long before then,
E’en before the world began.

All my days I want to serve Him,
He has been so good to me,
Ev’ry day shall be to serve Him,
Long as breath remains in me.