Primitive Baptist Writings

Frequently Asked Questions About Primitive Baptists

“Why I Am a Primitive Baptist” by Elder Michael L. Gowens

Ten Reasons Primitive Baptists Are Not Calvinists

“Where Will You Spend Eternity” by By Elder Lonnie Mozingo, Sr

“Concern for the Church” by Elder Wilson Thompson

The Black Rock Address of 1832

Why We Call Ourselves “Primitive” Baptists

Primitive Baptist ancestors have been called by various names over the ages. The name Primitive Baptist became popular in the early 1800s when the term primitive conveyed the idea of originality rather than backwardness. Accordingly, Primitive Baptists claim to maintain the doctrines and practices of the original Baptists, who are claimed to be the New Testament church. Primitive also conveys the idea of simplicity. This well describes the Primitive Baptists, whose church services consist of nothing more than preaching, praying, and singing.